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ISO 9002 Certification OPS System
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Corporate Life at GP3 revolves around a well-defined Quality Policy. It dictates : Qualitative excellence is the prime mover of a business. Quantitative success invariably follows. But it just cannot happen the other way around."

And all ideal measures- manual, technological, attitudinal and operational- have been taken. First, to access rare plains of quality, and once reached, to maintain a continued presence there.

GP3's Printing, Packaging & Labelling plants features some of he world's most celebrated brands of equipment, complemented by ruthless quality control processes.

Over the years, this quality focus has built for GP3 a select, happy clientele.

Not to mention, a rock-solid reputation for dependability and aesthetic finesse.

And an ISO 9002 Certification.

(In fact, GP3 was the first Packaging & Printing company in Gujarat, arguably in the whole of India, to have been awarded such a certification.)

    email : marketing@gujprintpack.com