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  As you know by now, GP3 is an ISO 9002 Company.

Going a step ahead, the company has initiated the process of securing an ISO 14000 Certification. Related activities like Corporate Restructuring & Management System Restructuring are already underway.

GP3 has embarked upon a horizontal expansion drive, inducting specialized technologies like Gravure (for Laminated Pouches) to its already expansive technology arsenal. At the end of this expansion, the company aims to be in a position to offer superior solutions in every area of Printing, Packaging & Labeling to its clients.

The in-house research centre at GP3 is fast evolving as a knowledge bank for the entire industry.

Recently, the company computerized its entire pre & post print processes and set up a transparent online monitoring system for its client. This system functions as a B2C Web Site, where clients can access to monitor the status and progress of their Printing/Packaging/Labelling jobs under implementation.

The software for this was developed in-house, and soon, GP3 will make this software available for other companies as well-even its competitors. GP3 has plans to set up a full-fledged software unit solely dedicated to the creation of software dealing with Printing/Packaging & Labeling industry.
And many more future-smart plans are in the offing.


As the world develops at breathless pace, more and more products are being invented since the New Millennium is totally techno-driven many of these products will be showcases of intricate technology. Which means, they will demand customised and fastidious packaging solutions.

On the other hand, as consumerism explodes around the world, thousands of new brands are being launched everyday, and existing brands periodically change the visual profile of their brands.

As enterprising gets more and more ruthlessly competitive, products require ubiquitous and eloquent promotions. A good part of these promotions will be in the printed medium.

The corporate vision of GP3 dictates that it should be future-competent in technology, in HRD, in environment-friendliness, and in service-readiness. This axiom ensures that the company is continually tracking the industrial developments that take place in the world's technology capitals, and keep abreast of it.

However, the company's ultimate quality criterion will remain a human emotion-the happiness of the customer.


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    email : marketing@gujprintpack.com    
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