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Ambubhai Patel ( MD )  
GP3 is a part of a corporate group with a 25-year track record, and a multifaceted portfolio. The Founder-Chairman & Managing Director, A V Patel, is a technocrat with more than 25 years of experience in the Printing industry.
Ambubhai V. Patel
Chairman & MD
Ashish Patel ( CEO )   Ashish Patel, is the CEO of GP3. An innovative Printing Technologist himself and an innovative entrepreneur, he steers the day-to-day operations of the company with his inspirational leadership and corporate acumen.
Ashish Patel

  A team of professional in Management, Printing, Packaging &Labeling technologies, Graphic Design, strategising, conceptualizing, Marketing, etc. from the second line of command. They are backed by experienced, skilled workmen on the floor.

Human Talent + Global Technology + Superlative Services = Positive Success Recipe

GP3's expert action force creates micro-precise Packaging solutions for its clientele. These are value-added further by high-quality graphic design & exclusive, multifaceted Printing Services (offered as an additional, customized service, exclusively to GP3's Packaging solutions clients).

Today, GP3 has a total employee strength of 200, including 75 skilled Laborers. And a recruitment drive is on, to meet rising requirements and new technology induction. Over the years, the company has evolved a truly remarkable way of interactive functioning, based on a shared vision of entrepreneurial excellence.

GP3 Team

So much so, that at GP3, other than the two leaders mentioned above, no one even carries a protocol-based designation.

At GP3, there are no bosses, only leaders. There are no followers, only co-travellers, and the journey to higher success continues.

Companies are not run by the proprietors. They are run by the workmen and the professionals who man the shopfloors, the plants & the offices. But they in turn are run by the proprietors. So, business is all about running people.




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    email : marketing@gujprintpack.com    
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